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  • RBC33 Cell Kit
    RBC33 Cell Kit

    RBC 33 - cell kit. You need to re-use your existing wiring loom. This is...

    £ 27.50
  • RBC32 Cell Kit
    RBC32 Cell Kit

    RBC 32 - cell kit. Comprises 2x cells to rebuild with your existing...

    £ 21.00
  • RBC33 Assembled
    RBC33 Assembled

    RBC 33 - cell. Fully assembled and ready for installation on delivery....

    £ 42.00
  • Warranty

    12 Month RTB warranty

    The standard 12 Month RTB warranty applies to all items (unless otherwise stated) and gives you peace of mind and support for an extended time frame. It shows we stand by our work. We have the experience, resources and willingness to solve faults both onshore and overseas.

    Click here for comprehensive terms.

  • Symmetra 12 KVA packed for shipping
  • Starter

    10,000 UPS In stock

    If you cant see what you need
    Ask Us - We will search and
    see if we can help

  • Environment

    Environmental Considerations

    Consider the environmental impact of buying used. We like to think that not only can we supply at prices that cant be beaten, but also buying  a used UPS from us helps reuse what is perfectly good rather than burdening the environment in order to make something new.

    Save money and help save the environment!

  • Heavy Lift
  • Ebola

    One of our UPS

    being used in Sierra Leone

    to support hardware sequencing

    the Ebola virus.

    1x SURT10000xli
    4x SURT192xlbp extra runtime cell modules

  • SURT8000 ready for shipping
  • 8x SMT750i
  • H914n


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