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  • RT6120

    Ritar RT6120 cell 6 Volt 12 AH

    £ 9.85
  • RT680

    Ritar RT680 cell 6 Volt 8 AH

    £ 12.00
  • Starter

    10,000 UPS In stock

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  • Environment

    Environmental Considerations

    Consider the environmental impact of buying used. We like to think that not only can we supply at prices that cant be beaten, but also buying  a used UPS from us helps reuse what is perfectly good rather than burdening the environment in order to make something new.

    Save money and help save the environment!

  • Heavy Lift
  • Ebola

    One of our UPS

    being used in Sierra Leone

    to support hardware sequencing

    the Ebola virus.

    1x SURT10000xli
    4x SURT192xlbp extra runtime cell modules

  • SURT8000 ready for shipping
  • 8x SMT750i
  • H914n